08 September 2011


hey gurls, i have finally decided to blog my annual MS UNIVERSE post with the preliminaries mgoing on tonight and the larest news that MS LEAH SALONGA will be one of the judges in the finals ... OMG !!! I have been venting kasi constantly in FB and forgot to write an entry in blogger but the blog is still my chosen field of self expression ... kasi FB seems to be like your Big Mac Take away lang :) so here goes ...
this is really becoming very exciting ... how about if Shamcy would not make it to the top 15 ??? That is the first thought that comes into my mind... sayang naman na naging judge pa si Leah, diba ??? and how about if she becomes MS UNIVERSE this year, would that imply that Leah S would have got something to do with it ??? OMG !!!
But then, 9C has been a crowd favorite so far and I can see that she is really determined to get the crown and so far there are no devastating news about her... she seems to excel in all the aspects, which is good ... she just needs to be on the TOP FIVE and for sure the Q&A would be the determining factor which I am sure she will crunch just like she did the bar exams :) OMG !!!
I just really wish and pray that she will make it first to top 15, and then top 5 !!!
hey, pardon my all time unabashed patriotism for the Philippines in MU, but anyone can win in the pageant and if I were to choose then it should be the PHILIPPINES, as I believe that I would be happier with 3 Miss Universe than 2 and this could be one way of uplifting the image of our country somehow during and after her stint - leading to a new successful generation, I just do not like her national costume - butterflies again and now in gold !!!
Anyway, lets all light our candles for the lovely Shamcy!!!
9C, 9C, 9C ... I have also been busy voting for 9C !!!

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Lyka Bergen said...

I would lyk to know ur Top 15 List of favorites. Here's my new List after the preliminary:

15. Peru
14. USA
13. Angola
12. Malaysia
11. Russia

10. Ghana
09. Ukraine
08. China
07. Switzerland
06. Finland

4th runner-up: Mexico
3rd Runner Up: Haiti (yes Haiti!)
2nd runner-Up: PHILIPPINES
1st Runner-Up: Paraguay

Miss Universe 2011 is... Greece!

Greece pa rin ako


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