05 July 2011


I have never been interested by action movies and not even slightly inspired by Manny Pacquiao's winning worlwide boxing titles, as I believe that a nation's pride should not be based on one man's punching agonies for whatever reasons .... but this one really moved me and had me wanting for more !!!!
As inspired by entry of Teng "My New Idol", and Mel's "For the Love of Sara", I am expressing my opinion on the recent mayoral incident in Davao City, mainly because I am from that city and know a little bit about the Dutertes.
Watching the youtube video and reading some of the news, it is very clear that the Mayor only acted within her very best intentions - and that is for the powerless poor people in the city. She was clearly outraged and showed her anger without fear !!! Just like a mother to an errant child or (pardon me for mentioning this ..) like Jesus when he showed his anger in the synagogue.
In fact punching the sheriff should be seen as endearing action and much better than straight sacking him off his job.
Now I would love to have a leader like that.... Everyone would have their own opinions but I think honesty is the best policy and I think she was just honest in expressing her feelings and emotions. That is a mark of an impassioned leader !!!
For sure this will be politicized to the highest level and used against her, but a national hero is already there in the making !!!
watch it here... :) http://youtu.be/Hxr_mc829xY


Lyka Bergen said...

Hmmmm.... for me, ang mali ay di inaayos ng isa pang mali. Pls lang!

Gayzha said...

hmmm may point ka ren ... kaya lang for me yung panghampas nya ay kagaya nga lang ng isang ina na hinampas ang anak na suwail ... at walang nakatagong malisya liban lang sa intensyon na maayos ang gulo ...

Henry said...

Mayor got badtrip, she asked a favor to the sheriff to hold the demolition for the meantime but they didnt pay importance to the request. Being a boyish, she express her rage by punching the sheriff.

kawadjan said...

Madam! Silent ka yata... Miss U season na. So ano na?


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