02 June 2011


"well, so much and yet not enough has been said and written about ANDREJ PEJIC ... now ultra famous androgynous model (from melbourne) and recently named 98th sexiest girl in FHM !!! bitchy thing to say is that ... but what is really new or big deal about it ?? why the negative reactions like that FHM write up about passing around the sick bucket because Andrej's dream just like yours and mine is to be on the ramp with the angels of Victoria Secrets? for the past decades, the world is not bereft of gay boys who should have been born girls flashed in magazines, televisions and movies - - - and this is true from the far flung districts of Phuket to Bollywood and Las Vegas. But maybe it is not enough ... yet! A tsunami of Andrej Pejics should rule the world :) .." bwahahahhahahahaha !!! well, so much has been said about Andrej ... all i really know and want to say is that ... "sana ganyan rin ako kapayat at kaganda, kainez talagah, hahahahahaha !!!"


Mel Beckham said...

I missed you Ate Jase! Welcome back!

Lyka Bergen said...

Ano ang kinakain nya for dinner?.... Two pieces of Mani? Pls. lang!

Gayzha said...

@ MEL ... thanks Mel, i miss blogging too and hope this time its for real... ching!!

@ LYKA ... 3 pieces siguro one each meal :)


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