20 May 2011


i think it is time to travel. started with thailand. bangkok was what i imagined and more !!!
somehow, i felt like being in the philippines as there are more similarities (in weather and ways of life) and stark differences as you start comparing !!! most of the thais, thought i was thai and talked to me in thai when all i can say is sabateeka :) hahahahaha!!!

compared to singapore and hongkong (and just few Asian places I have been), I think there is some magic and charm in Thailand that makes me want to stay and explore more :) hahahaha!!!

(Wait until i go to Bali .. as I am loving what i have seen and read about the place ... Seminyak??)

i felt a sense of belonging, of being a part of a tribe :) i think the secret why tourists from all ove the world want to visit the country over and over again, is that the people are very lovely and charming and they just leave you alone if you want to ... foreigners go around wherever they like and they generally feel safe .. sadly, unlike in the Philippines !!!
well, as you would know, the main reason why i wanted to go was to go to Pattaya ... AND to see first hand the TIFFANY SHOW !!! I got what i wanted and more !!!
I love Buddhism ... THAI VERSION !!! There is something peaceful ... loving ... and nice feeling whenever i go to a Thai Buddhist Temple. I simply love the food, the way of life and the attitude of the people... i wish i can speak Thai ... maybe i have to learn and become Thai !!! I simply hated being a Filipino now... honestly, and now i understand why foreigners don't like going to the Philippines :) Maybe this is my DESTINY :) ??? To become Thai ??? Buddhist ... hahahahahahha !!!


Lyka Bergen said...

I agree.... Conservative kasi ang Pinas, unlike Thailand walang Hypocrisy. Go lang ng go sila. Walang keme. Di katulad natin, daming issues!

Went to Thailand twice na... and i can still say, gusto ko pa ring bumalik. But Bali dearie? Seminyak? Hmmm... mag Phuket or Krabi ka na lang! Or India! Bali is more like a little India to me... and compared to other Asian places... expensive sya! Mas mura pa nga ang India kung tutuosin.

Go na!

kawadjan said...

Gosh, nandito ka pala. I would've loved an autograph from you. :-) Enjoy Bali, dahling. Seminyak is fun, but I heard Ubud is better for more tranquility (we only did a day trip there so di namin na-absorb ang aura ng lugar). Sawadee, kha!

Gayzha said...

hey lyka / ace, yes love ko talaga ang thailand :) and i wished i could have stayed longer .... mhassagee mhassage serrr !!! hahahaha

yes sweetie pie kawadjan.... i thut about you since i stayed 3 nights in bangcock hahahaha.... but then nadyahe aketch and then so quick lang kasih... next time we should really meet ha :)


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