14 August 2010


Sa Miss Universe dapat always camera conscious ka. One should always think that there are invincible paparazzi around - that you are being photographed or videoed all the time ...

Kasi the cameraman sometimes do not care... basta shoot na lang ng shoot and then post kaagad sa internet.... kaya we have a lot of people saying na this contestant is not consistent in her photos kasi may mga pangit talaga na lumalabas, or not flattering enuff ... the camera does not lie talaga ... kung pangit ka mas papangit ka pa - except if you have that God given gift of being a friend to the camera..... kaya we have that photogenic award - for those not really good looking in real life but comes across as really attractive in the photos .... ergo I am not in favor of the Philippines winning the Ms Photogenic Award !

So some of these candid photos are these ...

Ms Korea - ano ba yan ???

Ms Thailand in a controversial pose! What exactly is she doing ???

Someone said she is repositioning her tampon using her heels ... like this oh! ha,ha,ha!

Hayyyy... ha,ha,ha... kaya Ms India smiles na lang na parang wala lang ...ha,ha,ha ... like a very relaxed and happy matronic LOLA !!! Who cares about MS UNIVERSE ? What's that ????

1 comment:

Lyka Bergen said...

Ibang klase ang Thailand... parang may pingpong sa loob. Chooos! Big Chos!


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